Oil Painting

South East Conservation specialises in the cleaning and restoration of Oil Paintings. These are usually on canvas or panel.

Removal of surface dirt such as soot or tobacco deposits can sometimes be dramatic.
Often varnish layers will have darkened considerably over time resulting in a noticeable yellowing or browning of the image. Previous restorations from decades ago may also have begun to discolour. Removal of these layers will greatly improve the clarity of the picture and return it more closely to how it was originally conceived.

Paintings that have suffered from excessive damp and other adverse conditions may begin to flake and lose paint. These may require localised treatment to help stabilise the paint from further losses. More extreme cases including rips and tears to the canvas may require consolidating or perhaps re-lining. Edges that have become weak or detached resulting in a generally distorted canvas can be edge or strip lined.


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